Emerson pants – wearable toile

Oh my God I love my new True Bias Emerson pants!


They are incredibly comfy and even though I made this first pair in a less than drapey cotton sateen, I can already see I will wear them often.

I made them longer. I am only 5’1″, and was not sure about cropped pants, but have always loved wearing baggy full-length pants.

I am still deciding whether to shorten them or not, but for now I like them long. It was as simple as lengthening the pattern by 6.5″ for my little Smurfy legs. But if you do this, make sure you add a few more inches than that.

What do you think? Longer or shorter? Or perhaps multiple pairs, long, medium and short(ish)? Or maybe a roll-up button tab so I can wear them shorter when I want to, without them rolling themselves back down? I’m still pondering these questions, but given they are cut straight from the hip they are all very easy to do.

These pants are great for cycling (already tried and proven), and pass the pooch test with flying colours as well.

(Edited a few months down the track – after wearing these for a while I find I’m always rolling them up. So I’ve now hemmed them to the length of the original pattern adjusted for my shortness. So they are now cropped pants – part way between the first and second photos above. Trust the designer, I hear you say! Yes, so true, so true.)


Check out the Emerson pants sewalong by True Bias here. It makes it wonderfully easy to put these together, though I’d have to say that the printed instructions are also very, very clear so the sewalong is really an added bonus.

Whichever path you take, they’re an easy pair of pants to make and wear.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. fantastikatcreates says:

    I think they look great long, and look super comfy (& dressy enough to wear to work).


    1. Thank you! and yes they are dressier longer.


  2. Martha Hughes says:

    Shorter. The longer version looks like the pants are wearing you, rather than you wearing the pants. The shorter looks like a better proportion for your height.


    1. Thanks Martha. How much shorter I wonder? Definitely in the heat of summer here, shorter will be welcome as it does get very hot!


  3. Dottie Partin says:

    Cute cute cute! I liked them long too!


    1. Thanks Dottie. The variety of opinion is making me wonder afresh about the button tab roll up option…


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