My Carme blouse collection

Here it is – my new pink linen/silk Pauline Alice Carme blouse.

My pink carme - bathroom selfie

It is already being worn a lot.


I made it on my green vintage Pinnock, because my new(er) Pfaff is in for a service at the moment. But the Pinnock sews a beautiful straight seam and (with some help from my overlocker), it handled the job with ease.


This is not my first Carme blouse


Or my second, or even my third…

It is, in fact, my 5th Carme, but the first time I’ve made the pleated front and mandarin collar so it is my first REAL Carme.

It is probably time for me to rest this pattern and make some other things. But I have loved this pattern and have no doubt it will come out again at some point in the not-too-distant future.

It is a great pattern, and the video sewalong on Pauline Alice’s blog made it super-easy to get the hang of the placket when I tackled this for the first time. In face, I still use her tutorial to make sure I get that bit right.

It has not all been plain-sailing. You probably can’t tell that the darts on the blue and white one are actually on the back, not the front of the blouse. Seriously – how is this possible!? And amazingly, you can hardly tell and I still wear it often. Thank goodness it was in a printed fabric, which hides the flaws.

I usually wear it tucked in but untucked can also be nice, particularly if I’m wearing pants.

Wearing it here with the ultimate wardrobe staple, my black Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt. But I’ll tell you about that some other time.


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  1. They look great! I especially love the Monet-esque blouse!


    1. Thank you! That shirt is made from leftover fabric from a dress I made last summer. As soon as I made it I thought ‘yep, I think the shirt will be worn more often than the dress’ and so far that’s true


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