My bionic gear bag

I think my bionic gear bag is deserving of a post in its own right. Because this thing is incredibly cool.

Bionic gear bag - open

It sits at my right hand whenever I am sewing, whether it be on the machine or by hand. It contains all the bits and pieces I need, all in one place and neatly organised.

You can check out the bionic gear bag website here to find out more about how these great little bags have been designed:

It includes a bunch of videos so you can see exactly how it all works.

I originally stumbled on it on Craftsy, signed up for the pattern, then followed the step by step instructions online while I made it up.

That was several years ago now, and it has been in constant use since then.

My Mum saw it, loved it and has made several since. One for herself and several as gifts.

It’s a great way to start using up leftover quilting cotton. In my case, I bought the fabric for the outside and the zips, and the rest I already had as leftovers from other little projects.


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  1. Ria Schevenels says:

    I live in Belgium and I think it’s fun to hear from a seamstress/camping enthousiast living in Australia! Love your writing and awesome pictures!


    1. Thanks Ria it’s so great to hear from you. I’m going to Belgium next year for a work trip. I can’t wait to see a bit of your beautiful country. Do you know of any great sewing destinations to check out while I’m in Flanders? I’m not sure yet whether I’ll fly straight there or get a train there from Brussels or somewhere else.


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