Pink Ogden Cami – using leftovers!

I didn’t have a lot of the pink silk/linen left over from my Carme blouse – but it was just enough to make this… Ta da!!


I’m starting to think I’m going to love every True Bias pattern. Certainly I love this one (the Ogden Cami) and also loved the Emerson Pants pattern when I made it up for the first time last week.

They both come with very clear instructions, an online sewalong for those who want one, and are super-comfy and flattering. Tick, tick, tick!

And no I have no link whatsoever to True Bias. I bought these patterns online like everyone else. I just think they’re great patterns. Simple.

I like V-neck tops, but, you know, they need to stay in place. Feel secure. Not slip off the shoulder or flash people unexpectedly. And thankfully for us all, this one is quite safe on all counts. Phew!

Given I was dealing with the leftover fabric, there was a need for some piecing to create the back facing piece. But that’s ok because it’s on the inside, and no-one will ever know. Well, no-one who doesn’t read this blog will ever know.

I had to shorten the straps (as always for me) and will probably do a full bust adjustment next time I make this. It is drafted for a C-cup, and I am a D/DD. I thought I might be able to get away with it, but the fit around the armscye and a bit of tightness across my chest is telling me ‘No, you can’t, it’s time to stop avoiding doing FBA adjustments!’.


So next time I will, and probably include a dart (which is a slight shame given the pattern is so lovely and clean and simple without one).

And did you notice – Pasha made his way into this post after all! At least, one small part of him did. Good dog!


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  1. cute! How much fabric did you squeeze the pattern into?


    1. I wish I knew! It was just a collection of scraps. I’d guess it was around a metre if bought as a whole piece. I considered doing both facings in a different fabric and I’m sure that would bring it in at under a metre. The pattern says to buy 1.8m to make a size 14 (which is what I made), including everything.


  2. Hi, I have made this with an Fba, and it’s lovely, so do it!


    1. That’s great to hear. Did you incorporate a dart? I’d love to see a pic


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