Which fabric for my new dressing gown? McCalls 6659

I have two absolutely gorgeous fabrics to choose between, for my next project. And I can’t decide.

I am making a light summer dressing gown. I’m using McCalls 6659.


I’ve made this pattern before and I love the swing of the skirt once it’s on. And it’s a nice, simple cross-over front which I find comfortable. An extra tie on the inside helps keep everything secure and in place. I used the narrower sleeve last time to prevent sleeves from draping into the sink while washing up, or my food while eating. It’s a bit of a shame but more practical and I think I will do this again. I will also do the longer length this time, as the shorter length really is quite short, even on me. And I’m pretty short.

My first fabric was a special delivery (translation: my first ever online fabric purchase) from The Fabric Store. I think this fabric must have sold out, because I can’t see it there anymore.

It is a lovely silk/cotton blend with a night sky print. I’m a bit in love with it, and I’m so glad I picked it up before they sold out.

It is a lovely cool colour. Originally I had it in mind for a cowl neck dress, but the drape isn’t quite right for that I don’t think. (Or maybe it is…? But I don’t think it is…) The night sky print would be great for a dressing gown. But silk/cotton needs to be cared for, so that needs to be considered. Also, it is slightly translucent which is fine for a dressing gown, but more of an issue for daywear.

My other fabric is a Liberty print.I got it from The Drapery yesterday, and I love it just as much, but for different reasons.

This is a beautifully smooth cotton lawn. It is lovely to touch, and perhaps a little easier to care for than the silk/cotton blend above.

Typically I look better in cool colours. This Liberty print is not in cool colours really. But I love its brightness and its cheerfulness. I can just see myself hanging around the house in this. And wouldn’t it go beautifully when I’m glamping in my little teardrop camper (which I posted about here) ? I’m not sure that I would wear it as a shirt or a dress, but perhaps I’m just lacking imagination here because I did buy it with the dressing gown in mind…

Here is a direct comparison. And look Mum – no make-up! Because no-one wears makeup with their dressing gown, do they? So this is a pretty realistic portrayal of how they would look against my skin.

I think the cool colour of the silk/cotton suits me a little better. But the Liberty fabric is more fun and more practical. So I’m still 100% on the fence and am on the verge of making two new dressing gowns simply because I love them both.

And do I need two new dressing gowns? No. Would I wear two dressing gowns? Yes, I probably would. But would my wardrobe be better served by making one dressing gown, and using the other fabric to make something else? Almost definitely.

What are your thoughts? I’m stuck.


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  1. Siobhan S says:

    I like the idea of two dressing gowns! The fabrics are both so beautiful. Honestly I’d go for the cool colours first, just because I can see the Liberty being made up into a sweeping day dress.


    1. Thanks Siobhan. You know, you might be onto something there…


  2. Baa says:

    Definitely the liberty print it is so bright & cheerful & looks absolutely gorgeous on you.


    1. Thanks BAA. I love it too and it will definitely be something in my wardrobe and the only question is what. A dressing gown or a dress. The more I think about it, the more I think that is the question. For both fabrics.


  3. Susan says:

    I have a dress of silk/cotton voile. I treat it like all my other dresses – regular wash, tumble dry on no heat to remove wrinkles, hang to dry. It’s not the least bit fussy.


    1. Thanks Susan – that’s good to hear. I pre-washed it today on cold and it still looks and feels lovely.


  4. Amy says:

    The tealish blue! Definitely!!


    1. Thanks Amy! I’m in love with that fabric


  5. Hari says:

    I love both fabrics and I LOVE your new teardrop camper! The cool colours do suit you better but you could always try a reversible dressing gown such as http://thevintagepatternfiles.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/1930s-sewing-reversible-kimono.html if you really can’t decide.


    1. Thanks Hari. That’s the same issue I’m having – I love them both! But obviously they’ll both become something, and I just need to decide what. I’ll check out the reversible pattern – an idea I hadn’t thought of. Making 2 dressing gowns is also still a live option


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