Hard times, comfort sewing and sad songs

I know I’m not the only one feeling it at the moment. A sadness, and a need for some comfort. Not that sewing can change anything. But it’s a peaceful activity that can make you feel slightly better, in spite of what else is going on.

I certainly felt the need for this over the past few days.

Some people eat in these situations.Some people play sad music. Some of us sew to make ourselves feel better. So far, I’ve done all three. (Here is a very beautiful sad song if you’re so inclined – a recent release by Paul Kelly and Charlie Owen called ‘Hard times’.)

Comfort sewing calls for comfy fabrics. I bought three at a local fabric store on Thursday, pre-washed them yesterday, and started sewing this morning.

The most comfortable of all was the bamboo jersey. So that was first off the top for this morning’s sewing effort.

I’ve sewn with their bamboo jersey before, so I knew I’d love this fabric against my skin. This time, I opted to make a pair of loose jersey pants, using the pattern pieces for jumpsuit bottoms from New Look 6291, which I’ve made before and really like, and a self-drafted tank top.

These pants will be worn constantly. I’ve had them on since the moment I finished them, and I never want to take them off. They are incredibly soft, and sit somewhere in the clothing spectrum between fashion pants, trackie pants and pyjamas.

I included pockets and put in an elastic waist and that’s it – done. They couldn’t be simpler and it’s hard to imagine a garment that would be more useful.

The tank top is pictured above (in bamboo) and shown with the True Bias Ogden Cami that inspired the overall shape. I made one in black silk a month or two ago, and have been wearing it almost daily ever since. There was definitely room for a black bamboo version in my wardrobe – and it’s a great option to use up the meagre scraps I had left over from the pants.

I didn’t use a pattern – I used my dummy instead. Which is better than spitting the dummy, isn’t it?

I basically just took the scraps, pinned them to the dummy, pinned it where it seemed right and cut off the bits that didn’t belong. I find having the bra there really helps me work out how to shape the neckline and armholes. Super easy.

I still have these two fabrics to make up. Both simple prints and breathable fabrics.

I think the rayon will become a dress. Possibly a Colette Myrtle dress.

The double gauze will be a top I think. Shape yet to be decided.

And to anyone who is also feeling sad in the light of recent global events, I offer you my support and sympathy. I wish you calm and strength to handle whatever is to come. I hope that a shared sense of purpose and optimism can be restored.

I got back from a lovely break just a week ago, into the beautiful red heart of our country. I will leave you with some photos from that trip, which was so peaceful, so beautiful and so completely apart the world’s troubles.

They remind me of the beauty that exists in all our countries. That persists and outlasts political troubles. And that provides a haven for all of us to renew our energy and prepare for what lies ahead.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. loraquilt says:

    Thanks for a post that included comfort and beauty amidst the pain of this week. I have some soft linen/cotton blend fabric cut out and waiting to be sewn into pants, you’ve encouraged me to get to it.


  2. You are very welcome! Baggy pants are very soothing


  3. fortannam says:

    Thanks for this! Sewing has always been my stress release! A week before my wedding I locked myself in my apartment to sew my dress… only one person was allowed in to help me fit! I still love a good iPod full of podcasts and a sewing project!


    1. So great that you made your wedding dress. Are there any pics of it anywhere? I’d love to see it


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