Le Pooch gets a new dog bed – that’s good enough to eat!

This started well, but ended with something close to tragedy. I’ll explain.

Pasha has a very good life, and sleeps on his bed on the floor of our bedroom most nights. Currently, his bed is made up of a section of foam mattress, which I cut down from a single bed sized foam mattress purchased cheaply from Clark Rubber.

It’s cut to size for him, and works really well. I usually have it encased in a zippered cover I made a few years ago, which is made from lined curtain fabric and therefore quite durable. It recently got quite filthy on a camping trip and is in the wash.

I’ve been noticing lately that it makes a loud scratchy sound when he’s rummaging around during the night. So I decided to make a new cotton cover.

I still have the rest of the original foam mattress in the shed ready to make another one. Which is lucky as it turns out… But we’ll get to that later.

I decided to quilt the top, using some fabric I already had. It’s a slow but simple process – with a blue/grey fabric on top and the much-used white with grey dots on the back (more fabric leftovers – yippee!).

I cut it to shape around the foam mat to ensure a snug fit, rounded the corners using the shape from a small bowl from the kitchen, and then attached some cording to make the corners a bit smoother and nicer.

Once that was done, it was an easy thing to attach a rectangular skirt with a small elastic casing on the outer edge.

Some quick (but very optional) bias binding finished off the inside seems.

And in went the elastic, and there you have it. A finished dog bed cover.

As you can see, the finished product is a lot like a fitted sheet for your bed. I’ve made covers like this before, and I really like it because you can easily slip the cover off, wash it and slip it back on again. Very easy to do which means it gets washed more often than a fully enclosed, zippered cover.  This was a blessing when our older dog was struggling to control her bladder, before she passed away last year at 17 years old. There was a whole lotta laundry going on in those final few months. She needed a waterproof layer underneath the slip cover as well.

Anyway, I’d say these covers are not strong enough for outside use, but ideal for inside. Usually.

It fit nicely and I was feeling really pleased with it. The dog seemed to like it. He looks quite innocent here, doesn’t he?

Little did I know, he liked it a little too much. So he decided to eat some. Within an hour of me finishing it. ONE. HOUR.

And no, that paw is not covering it up Pasha. I can still see it.

For now, I’ve just put the cover over the mangled bit and it still looks ok. I’ve stuffed the bits of foam back into the corner and will need to patch it up properly tomorrow . Eventually I’ll make him a new foam bed, with the remaining foam which I luckily kept for just this future purpose. This one is now locked away in the bedroom with the door closed so he can’t repeat the attempt.

And the original cover, which he obviously considers less appetising as he has never chewed it, will go back on, with this nice new cover over the top, as soon as it’s back from the wash.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s lucky I love this dog so much. He’s actually great company around the house and we’ve said many times that we think he’s finally got past his destructive chewing phase. I mean, he’s 5 years old now, right?

But I guess he just really, really loved his new dog bed.


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