Blue ponte wiggle dress – Vogue 8766

I made this dress ages ago and never wore it. It had sleeves (originally) and they made it very uncomfortable for me to move my arms. I felt like I was wearing a straight-jacket so after that first day of wearing it, it went into the wardrobe and never came out.

So I took the sleeves off a month or so ago, and suddenly I have a wearable dress. I’m so glad I went back to fix this.


Yes, you guessed it. I had been watching old episodes of Mad Men when the inspiration hit for this dress. Suddenly I wanted a tailored dress in my wardrobe for work.

Now that the sleeves are off, I can move quite freely. I raised the v-neck slightly as I often do, because I’ll wear this at work and just don’t want to be thinking about it at all.

I like this colour against my skin as well. It’s bright but not too bright. And it just seems to work well with my colouring.

I struggled with the zip insertion. I think I installed it 5 times before I decided I was happy with it. In the end, it was hand sewn in. It’s still not 100 percent but it will have to do. Luckily, I don’t have to look at the zip while I’m wearing it.


It’s fully lined, it’s in a nice forgiving Roma ponte from Catwalk Fabrics, and I’m happy with it now that the sleeves are no longer choking me. Good to go.

That’s really all there is to say about this dress. I like it now. And I actually wear it now.


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