Inspiration update – from the Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion shows

I’ve been browsing the Autumn Winter fashion shows online, and they have blown me away. So much creative energy and the most stunning results. There was a real depth and richness in many of the shows this year.

I’d never heard of Paco Rabanne until now. But he had a crush on silver this year, which has in turn given me a crush on his collection. I don’t know where silver fabric like this is sold, but I’m officially looking for some. I did see some silver leather shoes when I was in the shops yesterday, so it might be possible to put this look together. A silver dress might be more than I can handle, but a silver top or skirt would be so great.

I pretty much always love something from the Armani shows. Their tailoring is incredible. Above centre is my current favourite combo – tank top with baggy trousers. The short tailored jackets either side are also beautiful and something I’d love to be able to make well.

Wowowowow Altuzarra – sign me up! All of these are gorgeous. I need to work out how to do embellishments like these. And to find some lace up boots! That blue velvet dress is possibly the most beautiful thing all season.

More Armani tailoring – both Giorgio and Emporio Armani are shown above. Confirmation that I should make a short jacket that hits at the high hip. In wool. And possibly a wool vest as well. In wool. Happy to see velvet and embroidery showing up in lots of the ranges this year. Both things I love, though sadly I don’t have the patience for hand embroidery.

And here are the other things I loved, from the little I’ve seen so far. Alexander McQueen, Burberry, J W Anderson, Temperley, John Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Courreges. These are some of my favourites from those lines.

Are bubble skirts back?! I still have one from the 80s and one from the naughties, when I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in at all. And I’d be very happy to continue my uninterrupted bubble skirt momentum forward with one of these silvery silk numbers. Yes, please.

Temperley kept coming up for me this year. Again, I’ve never noticed them before but I’m now wondering why. Some great styles and colours here that are supremely wearable and practical, as well as beautiful.

Vogue also publishes some photos of Paris street style, showing people coming and going from the fashion shows. Often people take their outfits to extremes, but these women look great I think.

There was enough great stuff here to keep me sewing for years to come. I love winter clothes, so maybe that’s part of it. But also some of the stuff that’s in style at the moment (velvets, embroidery, silver, silks, blue, short jackets) are things I have loved for a long time.


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