Bluetooth speaker cover from fabric scraps – work in progress

All people who sew find themselves with left over pieces of fabric that are too small to make anything significant from, but too nice to just throw away. I try to find a useful purpose for these scraps when I can, and have posted previously about using fabric scraps here.

I have some particularly useful scraps in my house at the moment. Some leftover upholstery fabric from some chairs I reupholstered last year, and also some leftover garment leather. You’ve seen the leather previously in this post, and here are pics of the chair re-covering I did last year. I have some of both fabrics left.

These are the chairs before:

And here they are after (I don’t seem to have a photo showing the decorative tacks on the bottom edge of the grey chair once finished, but trust me I did not leave the staples exposed like this). The blue chair was for my daughter and it now lives in her house. The small grey one stays with me.

Both chairs already had good bones and good cushioning, and their new fabric covers have really improved their appearance. I’m happy with both, and have some sturdy and hard-wearing fabric scraps left from both as well.

I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker to play music from my phone, and had been thinking about how to protect it while I’m travelling (either to go on road trips or camping, or for a trip overseas I have planned for later this year).

I tried making a pouch for the speaker just by eye this week, and came up with this:

It is the first thing I’ve attempted on my new-to-me Bernina 380 sewing machine. The machine ran smoothly and happily throughout. I love it already! I’ll do a proper review on here once I’ve been sewing on it for a while, and have a reasonable base of experience to draw from.

The bag itself isn’t bad, but the zipper only goes across the top edge and it is (deliberately) a fairly snug fit. Unfortunately that makes it quite hard to get the speaker in and out of the bag. There is a bit of tugging and pulling required to make this happen.

I am staying with my daughter this weekend for Easter, and she has a box-style pencil case. That seems to me like a far better design for this purpose, and I have decided to make one and re-purpose my first attempt as a travelling pencil case. (This is what has occupied my mind today during long weekend siesta-time!)

I found this tutorial on youtube and modified the measurements to match the dimensions of my speaker. I also think it would be better without the bottom seam, and that means working the bag as a single piece (in the round) so that will alter the method slightly.

The dimensions took a bit of nutting out, but I think I have worked out that if I don’t have a seam at the bottom of the bag, I need a piece of fabric/leather cut 28cms wide and 22 cms long. Here is how I worked it out (eek it took a bit of head-scratching but I think I’ve got it – time will tell).

Bluetooth speaker cover 2

Sadly I’m away from home so I can’t try it out until I get home.

But it won’t take long to do, and when that happens I’ll update this post with the results, so you can see how it worked out.

I love sewing for this kind of stuff. I know I could have bought myself a cover for this speaker. But this is so much more sensible and costs me precisely nothing. Perfect for some Sunday morning farnarkling about with fabric.


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