Bluetooth speaker cover – 2nd time lucky!

This is my second attempt at making a cover for my bluetooth speaker, to protect it during travel. My first attempt is here, with my thoughts on improving it because it really wasn’t easy to get the speaker in and out of its cover with that very rough design.

Now that I’ve followed through with the new style and realised how much easier this shape is to make, and how much easier it is to use – I’m wondering why didn’t I do this first time round???!!!

Here they are – showing the different construction. While everything else looks very similar (except the zipper colour), the construction method of attempt no. 2 means the zipper extends further down the side, and the mouth of the bag opens wider. That makes it sooooo much easier to get the speaker in and out.

The old cover will now become a pencil case, which is also good because I could definitely use a small pencil case for travel as well. So it won’t go to waste.

I had planned to carefully measure the fabric, following this diagram:

Bluetooth speaker cover 2

But I didn’t. It was easier to just wrap the fabric around the speaker, decide how loose I wanted it, stitch up one end and then decide where to cut the other end… etc. etc. So it was again done by eye and not by the measurements after all.

And the fit is perfect, so I do recommend this more organic approach if you make one of these.

I didn’t line it which made it possible for me to make the bag without a bottom seam. I felt this was better given the speaker needs to sit on a table top, ideally without wobbling too much. Other than that the method was very similar to this method from youtube.

I was careful to use a zipper that wasn’t too scratchy underneath. I don’t want my speaker getting scratched! So I put away the metal zipper I’d picked out initially, and replaced it with this one which is quite smooth on the underside, and should be speaker-friendly.

Mission accomplished!


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