Blue Tessuti Leni top

Classic, navy v-neck top that is suitable for work. Tick!

It’s looks simple doesn’t it? But it took me over 6 hours to make. That included pattern tracing and fit adjustments though. The extra steps are worth it – the finished item looks really classy and a bit special. Full credit to the designer.

It is a Tessuti Leni top. As a pattern, it’s supremely drafted and the instructions are also amazingly detailed, well-illustrated and very helpful.

Tessuti Leni Top

I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more Tessuti patterns. I learnt a few new things making this and those things will pay off for other projects. (For example: using stitched-on and tear-away vilene to stabilise neck and armhole curves.)

It is comfortable, secure, simple, classic and very, very useful as part of my day to day wardrobe.

I made my usual adjustments. Raised the V by an inch, and did an FBA as usual. I placed the darts a little too low so I’ll need to move them up an inch or so next time. I also took it in about an inch at each side, which is quite a lot.

I’m pretty short, and the armhole is a tiny smidge too low on me. Cutting a size smaller (a medium instead of a large) may be an option. But I’m so happy with the final fit I might not, and just move the dart up by an inch and perhaps make a small adjustment to the armhole. And I definitely would not want it any shorter.

I was using a remnant, of unknown fibre and some stretchiness (also from Tessuti). It has given me a bit of puckering along the top-stitching, but it’s subtle enough to get away with I think. It is definitely something to be careful about when sewing this top up again.

Overall, I’m very happy with the fit and will be very comfortable wearing it.

As a remnant, I had only a small amount of the fabric. I was very lucky to be able to cut this top out at all. So the hem facing had to be cut out of another fabric (a cotton sateen I had left over from some pants last year).

Given these two fabrics have different fibres and textures, some puckering was perhaps inevitable.

One more note to self for next time. Centre the front facing carefully before top-stitching. I got it off-centre this time (only slightly) and it was very obvious. I unpicked it and sewed it again. Luckily, this fabric has forgiven me by not clearly showing the old stitch lines.


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  1. Wow! I really like this! I have a few garments with top-stitching around the neckline now. I used to kind of dislike and now I am liking it more and more. Good make!


    1. I’ve worn it heaps already. There’s something great about something nice and heavy in this shape. And yes the top-stitching gives it a nice professional feel. I will be making this pattern again.

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