My disco linen dress – TNT Burda 7067 and some self-draped leftover fabric love

The Drapery here in Adelaide had some amazing silver-metallic-printed linen, and I was lucky enough to buy some last weekend. They call it shimmy, but I’ve been thinking of it as ‘disco linen’. It was one of those situations where a fabric just ‘caught’ me and dictated its own place in my wardrobe.

Disco linen

It’s a metallic print over a linen jersey fabric. I had been vaguely thinking about silver fabric options following some previous inspiration which I posted about here. So in reality this choice wasn’t completely out-of-the-blue. Sub-consciously planned?

And Oh. Wow. I. Love. This. Stuff. And so does everyone else, so you’d better be quick if you want some. It’s a designer leftover of unknown origin, so may never be repeated.

When I bought it, we talked about how there will be people bumping into each other around Adelaide wearing this gorgeous fabric. And we’d hold our wine glasses and talk about the fabric and we’d bond. I would love that to happen 🙂

I had thought about various other things which I now can’t recall. A t-shirt I think? But as soon as I got it home and held it against myself in the mirror, I realised that a cowl neck was the go. So I got out a tried and true pattern to do. Enter, Burda 7067.

Burda 7067

I’ve had this pattern for 5 or so years, and used it before in some very fine orange printed silk satin. This dress gets a lot of wear each Summer. It goes to work as a dress, and I can tuck it into a knee-length or longer skirt and wear it as a top as well. I can’t find it online now so perhaps it’s out of print, though it does seem to be available on Etsy.

It’s actually nicer in person than these photos suggest, I think. Soft silk means lots of drape and movement which is hard to capture in a still photo. It’s a super-comfy loose dress without being a boring sack. Fabric choice is the key I think – it needs drape.

I’m not a fan of the sewn-down tucks in the front, so don’t do them. And so far I haven’t bothered with the colour-blocking or the bias-cut either. I can see the sense of both of these, but in the drapey fabrics I’ve used so far they have not been necessary. So both times I’ve made this I’ve just cut it on the straight grain, and cut the top and bottom section in a single piece of the one fabric.

So, back to the shimmery disco-linen fabric. I bought it last Saturday and was heading out to a party that night. With one thing and another that day, after cutting out I had one hour to sew it up. It’s such a straightforward pattern that I got it done easily. Then off to the party we go! Sorry for the average pics but I was rushing.

This fabric sews up easily, sits flat nicely while it feeds smoothly through the machine (being linen), and looks awesome on I think. It does tend to sit a little (and shimmer eye-catchingly) on my tummy (see the second pic for a mild version of this), which is something to be aware of when you choose a pattern for any shiny fabric. It’s a cool, easy, comfy dress that looks a little ‘dressed up’ and is great for xmas parties.

I had a small amount of fabric scraps left over, so yesterday I made a top with those.

I didn’t have a pattern this time, and given the odd shapes of the scraps I don’t think that would have worked anyway. I used my dress form and just draped it on, nipping and trimming as needed.

Both the front and back pieces had to be wackily pieced together (patch-work style) to make them work. The front piece needed an L-shaped seam, and the back piece a diagonal seam, but I think both worked out and the top looks as good (if not better) than the original dress.

And of course, being a top (i.e. separates) it will probably be worn more often.


I should try draping more often. You can get such a great fit and it’s been very easy the few times I’ve attempted it. No rules, and no patterns required, just get in there and see what looks right. It’s quite an organic process and quite quick and rewarding for looser styles like this one.

Is it just me? Or is the scrappy top (made of leftovers) possibly nicer than the dress itself? Ironic isn’t it? And definitely not the first time this has happened to me. I wonder – does that happen to other people too?



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